Commercial Lighting for Warehouses and Offices

It is vital to have the proper lighting for different types of operations in the different areas of your warehouse and office for your employees and customers alike. To ensure the proper lighting involves an assessment of the anticipated function and the facility to determine the type and strength of light required. The correct type then needs to be professionally installed by a licensed electrician to accommodate the different areas while reinforcing personal safety.
Office Lighting
The level of light in an office is well-known to have an impact on the people working in it. The light is known to affect the mood of people as well as their productivity levels over time, whether consciously or subconsciously. Poor lighting can also put strain on the eyes if people are working on screens or reading. This can lead to headaches and absence from work. Proper office lighting also helps to keep an office safe and more secure and makes sure that all obstacles are lit up and visible.
The lighting also affects the impression of visitors and nothing screams neglect than a dimly lit office with a light out. The lighting sets the mood and creates accents even the most subtle ways for visitors such as the reception area or in a conference room.
Our commercial electrical contractors and knowledgeable electrician services will be able to assist you with your lighting according to important factors such as:
Lighting balance – Your offices should have a healthy level suitable for the functions performed in the area. You do not want lighting that is too dull or dim nor too harsh and bright. Natural light from outside should also be incorporated. Offices should have a balanced lighting level.
Office layout – Your floor plan and placement of your furniture will determine the best placement and number of lights you require. It will also assist with the type of lights you need such as ceiling, overhead lights, floor lamps and wall lamps.
Electricity usage – Your utility bills should reflect the correct allocation of lighting required and these should be distributed evenly throughout your office.
Compliance to regulations – Compliance with guidelines for office lighting, especially for working areas has been established by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and compliance with these are non-negotiable.
Warehouse Lighting
There are four types of light that are commonly used in warehouses. These are fluorescent (white), metal halides (bluish white), high-pressure sodium (amber/golden) and natural light through external skylights.
There are many areas in a warehouse that need to be lit up properly and these include high bays, loading docks and the areas for shipping, receiving and storage. To be considered properly lit the brightness, distribution, lighting direction, shadows and contrasts with colors and backgrounds needs to be appropriate for the area and its function. Any flickering and excessive glare should be addressed.
Professional electrical contractors will be able to provide the consultation, products and systems to properly light up your warehouse. They specialize in warehouse lighting and will include determining the correct lighting levels and repairing, replacing or installing properly balanced lighting components where needed.
Support from lighting professionals is vital as light output decreases over time and lamps get older. Dirt and soot gather on warehouse surfaces such as the walls, windows and ceilings. If you run a warehouse and the lights have not been evaluated in a while you may need to consider getting a lighting system audit with your professional.

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