Seasonal Electricity Control in your Company

One way to increase profits is to reduce energy consumption in your business. Teaching your employees how energy is consumed and ways to save it will have a significant impact on your energy bill. 

An office layout is a significant factor to consider in controlling the use of energy. During winter, workstations shouldn’t be placed near exterior walls or windows. Also, using natural skylight is a big help by placing your desk perpendicularly to the window during summer. 

Heating or air conditioning is the highest consumer of power in a commercial space. In the winter season, your company’s heater must be in good condition for the welfare of the employees. It is important to adjust the thermostats to achieve a comfortable temperature in the company. 1°c is equal to 7 percent of the energy consumed. Lowering it can have a big impact on your energy bill. Cooperate actively with the technical service about the temperature of your office, so the employees will not think of bringing their heater or using extra heaters. 

During summer, try ventilating the office during cooler hours. Keep your building’s window blinds closed during the day, especially when using air conditioning. You can also stir the air with ceiling fans to give a sense of freshness. 

Using multifunctioning devices like printer, photocopier, and scanner in one is a great way to avoid using many big office appliances. 

Needless to say, whatever the season, the number one rule to save energy is to turn off any electrical equipment when not in use. Turn off the lights when leaving. Using sleep mode in a computer is not advised because it still consumes 2% to 40% of energy. Also, avoid using 3D effects in screen savers because they use more power than active mode. In using portable accessories such as chargers, do not leave them in the socket because they continue to use energy. 

It is important not to overload the power strip by applying maximum power connected to it. If this happens, make sure that you call an emergency electrician in Chicago to help you with any problems regarding electricity. Our electrical contractors in Chicago are experts when it comes to helping you save energy. We recommend each company to use energy-efficient equipment to save a tremendous amount of electricity and to help the environment. With the environment and climate change that we face, even the smallest act of saving energy matters. It is essential to trust a licensed electrician to maintain the energy use of your company. 

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