Commercial Services


T&D Electrical can handle all commercial electrical projects with the highest standards and expert service. As your one-stop destination for all your electrical needs, we have completed projects for commercial, industrial, government, and residential entities. If your office needs electrical upgrades in order to meet codes or save energy, we can help. We can also improve your lighting and power distribution panels with all the proper wiring.

Finally, we can offer you standby generators which can come in extremely handy in the case of emergencies. With several years of experience working on all manner of electrical projects, our contractors have completed work for restaurants, retail stores, hospitals, gas stations, car dealers, grocery stores, and more! Our expertise includes, but isn’t limited to automatic transfer switches, electrical upgrades, power distribution panels, switchgear installations, safety inspections, and service entrances. As always, our work is fully in compliance with state and federal regulations too!

Our commercial services include but are not limited to:

  • Build-outs:
    • hospitals
    • retail stores
    • malls
    • grocery stores
    • gas stations
    • car dealers
    • restaurants
    • small businesses
  • Installations:
    • power distribution panels
    • switchgear
    • automatic transfer switches
    • service entrances
    • lighting
  • Lighting maintenance:
    • building
    • parking lot
    • exterior
  • Upgrades:
    • electricity
    • lighting
    • electrical code
  • Safety inspections
  • Emergency generators
  • Bucket truck rental
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