Three reasons to hire a licensed electrician

When electrical problems occur in our houses we often think of it as “just” a loose wire or broken tripped breaker.  Many times the issues can be far more serious and you shouldn’t try to correct them yourself.  You need an electrician Chicago il  to come to your home and take care of the needed repairs.  Even if it’s just a loose wire, these things create shorts which cause fires, putting your home and family in danger.  There are three cases when you need the service of electrical contractors Chicago.

1.  Outdated electrical systems
If your home/ commercial properties are more than a few years old you need to be on guard for potential electrical problems.  In many cases the original electrical systems were sufficient for that time period but now may be very outdated.  They often have ungrounded outlets or are old aluminum wiring instead of copper.  These issues make the structure susceptible to electrical fires.  For these buildings you need to secure a reputable electrical contractors chicago.  They can do the rewiring that will bring your building up to code and even more importantly keep your family safe!

2.  Disasters
Severe weather issues like floods, fires, and in the Chicago area, heavy snows or ice can be disastrous to home or business owners.  They can cause serious electrical issues in residential as well as commercial structures.  Even if your home or commercial buildings don’t lose power there may still be some electrical damage.  For that reason you should have a licensed electrician do a thorough inspection of your electrical systems to rule out and/or repair damage created by such disasters.

3.  Insurance inspections
If you’re purchasing a home you should be aware that the Insurer will very likely require full inspections of all utilities, especially the electrical system, by a licensed contractor.  If there are needed repairs or renovations these will have to be made before the insurance company will issue a policy for your home. This is when having a highly qualified and licensed electrical contractor you trust will be very important. 
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