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When Was Your Last Home Electrical Safety Inspection?

House fires endanger everyone in your home and even small electrical fires that are put out quickly can result in thousands of dollars of damage.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  •         Are you living in an older home that may have faulty wiring or may be out of code? 
  •         Have you performed your own DIY electrical work or had an unlicensed contractor perform electrical work for you?
  •         Have you had a major renovation or addition of major appliances that may have added to your demand profile?
  •         Are you purchasing a new or existing home? 

While general home inspection services usually include an electrical subsection, their inspectors are often not licensed electricians.  We have the licensed electricians to inspect and solve your problems.


  •         We begin at the street transformer and follow the service through to electrical meter(s), fuse and/or circuit breaker panels. 
  •         All indoor and outdoor electrical systems
  •         Wiring and functionality of smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
  •         Fire extinguishers checked to assure they are rated for an electrical fire.
  •         Connections, wires, cables, conduits, boxes, and proper grounding are inspected and their design, size, condition, and compliance with code


The final inspection report includes pictures of identified faults and a prioritized list of items, needing repair or replacement.

We verify compliance with National Electric Code (NEC), the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), and Chicago construction and building codes.

T&D ELECTRICAL is an electrical company for the Greater Chicago market.  We employ the best certified, licensed electricians available in Chicago, IL.


Are you in need of 24/7 emergency service?  We offer emergency electrician services throughout Chicago.


We provide building and major electrical system inspection repairs and services including HVAC, stationary material handling and charging stations, signage, lighting, elevators, escalators, major motors, capacitors, transformers, and panels. 

Our commercial electrical contractors in Chicago are fully equipped for confined space entry and for work under Arc Flash conditions.


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