What Can You Do When You Don’t Have Enough Outlets in Your House in Chicago?

In our modern world today, it seems that there are never enough electrical outlets for all our electronics and social media devices, primarily if you reside in an older home. Professional electrical contractors in Chicago have come up with some alternative solutions to this problem.

Power strips are one solution to obtaining more outlets. Some power strip designs plug directly into the wall offering you 2 – 4 more alternative outlets. You can also buy a bar with up to six or eight outlets on it. This is great for a workspace that requires a computer, printer, modem, and other electronic essentials. Another good place for a power-strip outlet is at your entertainment center. You can plug in your TV, speakers, disco lights, and karaoke machine.

Always use a power-surge protector to save your wiring and recharge cables from being fried. to plug in just about anywhere you have an electrical 

AC Adapter Taps can be added to your computer’s existing power cord, giving you the option to plug in just about anywhere you have an electrical appliance and outlet. This gives you the opportunity to use your devices in many areas of your home or office.

Extension cords can be useful to solve a lot of problems when requiring additional outlets. But they can be hazardous too. Never use an extension cord that is worn or has exposed wires. These can give you an electrical shock and create the potential for a house fire.

Attaching your extension cords to the floor with tape will alleviate the danger of you or your children tripping and causing injury to themselves. Remember to use a surge protector with extension cords too.

Another solution would be to install new outlets in your home. Our electrical contractors can do this with surprising ease and with a more cost-efficient result than buying many extension cords and running them all over your house. This is a much safer solution and will surely increase your property value. Remember to install a couple of high-voltage outlets to accommodate washing machines, dryers, and other electronics requiring a higher voltage output.

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